As a result of their leadership, over three hundred thousand dollars have been presented to the college for scholarships and special projects since 1981.  Thousands of volunteer hours have been given to special events and student programs by members. Several special projects and events include the Viola J. Hill project, a Sallie Parrish project, campus beautification and a celebrity fashion showcase and membership tea.


Women for Morris Brown College Historical Highlights

  • 1st Celebrity Tea – November 1982
  • The organization presented more than $ 100,000 during its charter year
  • State of Georgia grants tax identification – 1985
  • 1st Annual Founders Day Award Luncheon – March 1987
  • 1st Prestigious woman honoree at the luncheon was Dr. Nellie Wright - 1992

  • 501(c) (3) non-profit, tax exempt status - 1993
  • 1st silent auction and reception – 1999
  • Women for Morris Brown College Chorale, with fourteen charter members -2000
  • Hungry Club Forum
  • The organizations first cookbook and book signing was initiated with guests contributing recipes- 2001
  • Christmas cards and wrapping paper fundraising project introduced - 2004
  • The 25th Annual Luncheon responsible for $100,000 gift to the school – 2006

  • 1st Women for Morris Brown College, Inc. luncheon on campus - 2009
  • Wilkes Hall Dorm Project – 2010
  • 1st Birthday Membership Drive Tea – 2010
  • MBC NAACP charter reactivation – 2010
  • Women for Morris Brown College Student Mentoring Program – 2010
  • Donated $25,000.00+: Purchased Alumni Brick, Member of 1881 Society, Donated to the MLK Project -2011



“Together we can, Together we will, Together we must;  We Can Make the Difference”

Joyce Porter Wyatt


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